David Kessler, President, SeismicCity, Inc.

Dr. Kessler serves as the President of SeismicCity since its incorporation in early 2000. He started his industrial career as a research Geophysicist developing algorithms for velocity estimation, model building and prestack depth migration and held a Senior Research Scientist position for Landmark/ITA (1991-1994) and a Senior Research Geophysicist position for Cogniseis Development (1994-1996). In 1996 Dr. Kessler moved his focus from research and development to production processing and became the Manager of Depth Imaging Services for CGG Americas (1996-2000). In early 2000, together with several other colleagues, Dr. Kessler founded SeismicCity with the objective to create a technology leader in the development and implementation of depth imaging technology.

Dr. Kessler holds a Ph. D., M. Sc. and B. Sc. degrees, all in Geophysics from Tel Aviv University

Jeff Codd, VP, Seismic Technology, SeismicCity, Inc.

Jeff Codd serves as Vice President of Seismic Technology of SeismicCity since its incorporation in early 2000. He started his career in seismic data acquisition as party manger for CGG and after several years moved to processing, first as a processing geophysicist and after that as a Senior Special Project Geophysicist. After several years of data processing, Mr. Codd was promoted to be the manager of the marine data processing group and then the technical supervisor for the marine processing group of CGG Americas. With his knowledge of both Geophysics and Geology, in 1996 Mr. Codd was assigned to help in the creation of a depth imaging services group for CGG Americas and became the technical manager of this group. In early 2000, together with several other colleagues, Mr. Codd founded SeismicCity leading the development and establishment of the group services as a leader in implementation and use of depth imaging technology.

Mr. Codd holds a B. Sc. degree in Geophysics and completed the graduate studies program in Geology from the University of Northern Colorado.

Allon Bartana, Director, R&D, SeismicCity, Inc.

Dr. Bartana serves as the Director for R&D of SeismicCity Inc. He started his industrial career as an algorithm developer for Nova Measuring Instruments and then as a Physicist for Trellis Photonics. Dr. Bartana moved his focus into Geophysics when he joined Paradigm Geophysical in 2003 and became one of the lead developers of GeoDepth software. Paradigm Geophysical promoted Dr. Allon Bartana to project manager, where he was responsible for the development of key Geophsyical technologies such as anisotropic prestack depth migration and anisotropic tomographic velocity estimation. In 2012 Allon joined SeismicCity to lead the company's research and software development.

Dr. Bartana holds a Ph. D. and M. Sc. in Physical Chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a B. Sc. in Chemistry and Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dan Kosloff, Chief Geophysicist, SeismicCity, Inc.

Prof. Kosloff serves as the Chief Geophysicist of SeismicCity. Dan's research career covers many aspects of practical geophysics and focuses on invention and development of new algorithms for seismic wave propagation, prestack depth migration and velocity estimation and analysis. In 2013 he received the SEG Reginald Fessenden Award for his pioneering work in the fields of Reverse Time Migration and Pseudo-Spectral methods in wave equation migration.

Prof. Kosloff career covers both academia and industry. He started his career as a Lecturer in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1978-1980), Visiting Professor in the University of Bahia in Salvador (1986-1987) and in the University of Hamburg (1985-1993) and was a Lecturer, Associate Professor and Professor, Geophysics in Tel Aviv University (1981-2011). In parallel to his academic career, Dan held key industrial positions. He was a Research Geophysicist for GDC in Houston (1990-1992) and the Chief Scientist for Paradigm Geophysical (1992-2012). In 2012 Prof. Kosloff joined SeismicCity to lead its scientific research.

Prof. Kosloff holds a Ph. D. in Geophysics from California Institute of Technology and a B.A in Mathematics & Physics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Chris Connor, Manager of Technology, SeismicCity, Inc.

Chris Connor is the Manager of Technology for SeismicCity. In his industrial career he worked in various disciplines and positions spanning both hardware and software. He started his career as a Web Programmer for Bent Media Inc. (1995-1996). He then became Senior Systems Administrator and Particle Systems Animator for Chimera Digital Imaging (1996-2000). He then worked as Chief Technical Officer for Fastband Global-casting and Internet Service Provider (2000-2001).  From there he moved to the U.S. Department of Interior, Minerals Management Service as a contractor of Lockheed Martin. 

At MMS, he worked as an Operations Support Specialist (2001-2003), and then as a Principal Information Management Specialist (2003-2005). He then became a Sr. Systems Administrator and Geophysical Software and Systems Support for Dominion Exploration and Production (2005-2007),  As Dominion was divested into a new company, he became a Sr. Software Systems Engineer and Storage Systems for HighMount Exploration and Production LLC (2007-2010).  From there he took the role as a Systems Architect Contractor for Sungard Availability Services (2010-2011).  In 2011 Mr. Connor joined SeismicCity and took responsibility over all of the company Information Technology and Infrastructure.

Mr. Connor studied in Louisiana State University, University of New Orleans and Tulane University.