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ABOUT SeismicCity

SeismicCity is an industry leader in providing depth imaging services. We are dedicated to the development and application of the newest technologies. Our services combined with proprietary algorithms developed on top of commercial software, provide the best available solutions in the field of depth imaging. We consistently execute model building, interpretation, prestack depth migration and simulation projects to the highest industry standards. SeismicCity’s prestack depth migration algorithms are developed for multi-core massively parallel computers that include the newest in computer hardware technology, the hybrid CPU / GPU computer clusters. These modern supercomputers are configured and optimized for processing large seismic datasets. With a unique set of prestack depth migration algorithms, a highly experienced staff dedicated to model building and depth imaging, and large computer configuration, we are able to construct the most reliable prestack depth migrated volumes. SeismicCity’s depth imaging products are commonly used in the planning and execution of complex exploration program.

SeismicCity was established in early 2000 as a company dedicated to the development and implementation of depth imaging technology. The company‘s mission is to construct and deliver the most reliable depth migrated volumes for oil and gas exploration companies. SeismicCity is routinely executing numerous complex depth imaging projects that are being used by their clients for successful exploration programs in many geographical regions.

Our Focus
Our main focus is the execution of depth imaging projects. This involves preprocessing of time domain data, construction of interval velocity models, and application of prestack depth migration. To assist in model building, our workflows involve the use of simulations to aid in correct interpretation migrated field data. In order to provide the most reliable prestack depth migrated volumes, we are providing full anisotropic (VTI and TTI) model building and depth imaging.

For constructing the best depth migrated volumes we are employing several depth migration algorithms. These include a wavefront reconstruction based Kirchhoff summation algorithm, a one way downward extrapolation wave equation algorithm, and a two way Reverse Time Migration algorithm (“RTM”). All of our prestack depth migration algorithms are implemented in the common shot domain, enabling their use for narrow azimuth, multi azimuth and wide azimuth surveys.

What we offer
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SeismicCity’s prestack depth migration algorithms are developed in house by our research and development staff. The prestack depth migration algorithms are developed on top of commercial software used for preprocessing, interpretation and modeling. Our prestack depth migration algorithms are optimized to take full advantage of evolving computer hardware. An integral part of our development effort is the incorporation of the newest computer technology built specifically for storage and processing of large seismic datasets. In the past few years we have upgraded our hardware configuration to the newly developed hybrid computer clusters which are using a combination of both CPU and GPU technology. This delivers a dramatic throughput increase over the CPU only configuration. With this new installation we are able to offer the application of common shot Reverse Time Migration as a key component of our services.

Continuous development
We are offering our clients new technologies every year. In the last year several algorithms were added to our tool kit. The first is a common shot TTI Reverse Time Migration. TTI RTM algorithm is the only algorithm based on the two-way wave equation, and is therefore built to handle both down-going and up-going wave propagation. With appropriate velocity models, prestack depth migration and using RTM, the result will be more accurate subsalt imaging.

The second technology that was added is anisotropic full wave equation simulation for use in wide azimuth (“WAZ”) seismic marine acquisition design. This consists of a construction of a detailed anisotropic velocity model and simulation of prestack data using high order finite differences, numerical operators and imaging using several acquisition geometries. This technology and service helps our customers in selecting optimal acquisition parameters and aids in decision making related to the selection of the appropriate processing technologies.

We continuously focus our development efforts on the objective of increasing the accuracy of the depth migrated volumes that we produce. This reduces the risk involved in exploration programs which are using our depth imaging technologies. With our move from CPU technology to the use of GPU technology and the incorporation of TTI model building and RTM, we are able to offer much more accurate depth imaging solutions to our customers.

Our Management

The management team of SeismicCity consists of industry veterans involved in seismic data processing, imaging, algorithm development and implementation of hardware solutions. Prior to joining SeismicCity each member of the management team served in several organizations where each was involved in all aspects of seismic data processing.