SeismicCity is an industry leader in providing depth imaging services and technology. We are dedicated to the development and application of the newest algorithms and workflows in depth imaging. Our services are based on use of proprietary algorithms together with commercial software that provides the best available solutions in the field of depth imaging. We consistently execute model building, interpretation, prestack depth migration and simulation projects to the highest industry standards.

SeismicCity’s prestack depth migration algorithms are developed for multi-core massively parallel computers that include the newest in computer hardware technology, the hybrid CPU / GPU computer clusters. These modern supercomputers are configured and optimized for processing large seismic datasets. With a unique set of prestack depth migration algorithms, a highly experienced staff dedicated to model building and depth imaging, and large computer configuration, we are able to produce the most reliable prestack depth migrated volumes used by our clients.

SeismicCity’s depth imaging products are commonly used in the planning and execution of complex exploration and development programs.


SeismicCity was established in early 2000 as a company dedicated to the development and implementation of depth imaging technology. The company‘s mission is to develop state-of-the-art technology and use it for the construction of the most reliable depth migrated volumes for oil and gas exploration companies.

SeismicCity R&D group is constantly developing new technology and our production group is routinely executing complex depth imaging projects. Depth migrated seismic, produced using our proprietary technology are being used by our clients for successful exploration programs in various geographical regions.

Our Focus

Our main focus is in the development of new depth imaging technology and its incorporation in the execution of depth imaging projects. This involves preprocessing of time domain data, construction of anisotropic models, and application of prestack depth migration. To assist our clients in the interpretation and understanding of seismic depth migrated data, our workflows involve the use of data simulation. This is done to aid in correct interpretation of time and depth migrated data. In order to provide the most reliable prestack depth migrated data, we are providing full anisotropic model building and depth imaging.

What we offer

For constructing the best depth migrated data, we are employing both ray based and wave based depth migration algorithms. These include a wavefront reconstruction Kirchhoff summation algorithm, and a recursive operator Reverse Time Migration algorithm (“RTM”). All of our prestack depth migration algorithms are built to work for any anisotropic media and are implemented and optimized to use the newest hardware technology. Our technology is used for both offshore projects (shallow and deep water), as well as onshore projects (both conventional and unconventional plays).

An integral part of our development effort is the incorporation of the newest computer technology built specifically for storage and processing of large seismic datasets. The technology developed and employed by SeismicCity staff is optimized for the newest developed hybrid computer clusters which are using both CPU and GPU hardware components. This delivers a dramatic throughput increase over CPU only configuration. Using this new generation of computer hardware enables us to offer the most accurate algorithms to our clients.


The management team of SeismicCity consists of industry veterans involved in seismic data processing, algorithm development, seismic wave propagation, velocity determination, depth imaging, and implementation of hardware solutions.


SeismicCity staff has been involved in the development and implementation of seismic techniques and algorithms for many years. Our collective experience has contributed to the development and establishment of depth imaging technology in the industry. Besides development of new algorithm and technology, and execution of model building and depth imaging projects, SeismicCity is helping our clients to stay up-to-date with the newest depth imaging technology used by the industry by providing courses covering both the theory and implementation of depth imaging technology.